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Lost change

It seems that every year people drop coins, so many that the total amount reaches around $ 600 millions. That’s a huge number! What do you do when you see a coin on the street? Do you pick it up or you’re just ignoring it? I decided to see how many coins I can find, even if the ones here have a very low value. So far, I found 282 coins after 5 months of doing this πŸ™‚

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Written by Gogata Ionut

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  1. WOW!!
    We have a saying,

    If you don’t pick up a coin because you “despise” its value (say a cent) then you’ll never be blessed by the god of fortune and you might not even be granted a single cent in future.

        • Yeah, everyone have their own “challenges” or “mini fun projects” that is how I see it – I’ve recently just decided to challenge myself to something that may seem unless to others too πŸ˜› It’s as long as it makes you happy or satisfied.

          Anyway, I’ve a typo in my previous comment, i meant to type “but not everyone believe in this β€œtheory” tho”… lol


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