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hello all members on virily

I am a new member, look forward to the single of you enthusiastic. Maybe this article is not posted to that admin not accepting posts but I have to write up here as my start.

I have just finished registering, I am very lucky to receive approval from the board, I am very happy and thank you for this.

I have read all the rules of the article, and the rules of the site are in the text but in fact I still do not know about people and the rules behind it.

Looking forward to a lot of help from everyone now and in the future.

— thank you —

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  1. Yes a VERY BIG WELCOME to Virily. The rules are pretty straightforward. You can post basically on anything that interests you and that you think will interest other Virilyans. The community here is very active and supportive. Thank you for reading my little post and commenting on it (re: A brief introduction to Egyptian hieroglyphs).


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