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Last Rose of 2019

Yesterday I went out and snapped a photo of one of the last roses in Dustin’s garden. We had our first frost last night, so I knew they would not survive.

Amazing how these roses bloom from spring all the way through November. I have enjoyed seeing each pink bloom and will look forward to their return.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I love the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) for many reasons. Not the least of which is the ever-changing weather.

    I love watching the weather change (but you know that)!

    It is the end of a season, in preparation for the next.

  2. So, it’s only winter that you won’t see your roses growing in the garden. I am wondering how your garden is when it’s winter. I live in tropical country, hence the garden seems to be the same throughout the whole year. :p

    • The flowers and some plants cannot tolerate the cold of the winter. The winter is the only time we see no flowers. Some will bring flowers indoors, and they will continue to bloom. My Hibiscus is like that. I have evergreen trees, holly bushes, and my magnolia tree, they all stay green year round.

  3. There’s a beautiful old folk song called “The Last Rose of Summer”, based on an old Irish poem. Perhaps you should track it down on YouTube!