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Goose family

When I walked through you yesterday, I saw a wonderful family on a farm, walking through the yard. The family is as big as about 12 young ducks are still very young. Home Goose is a domesticated brown goose that is grown for meat, eggs and soft feathers, which were sometimes used as a filler for pillows and quilts. Three thousand years before our counts, they were domesticated in Egypt. Geese are similar to ducks of water birds that can be found along or on rivers, lakes and seas. The male is dull, the female is gos, and the puppies are goslings. With us, the most widespread brown goose, also known as snow and Canadian goose.

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  1. What delightful photos. Love that goose family. I used to love seeing the duck in the parks in Latvia. I have not seen ducks nor geese here in Florida but I still have to explore the riverside and perhaps there will be some there.

      • One Oriental man in Western Springs tormented a black swan as I watched. The black swan went for his foot and was more than well controlled. That stupid man did not realise how fortunate he was that was all the black swan did. The black swan had black swan wife and cygnets in tow. When I went passed the black swan hissed at me and I told him that I understood his feelings that I was no threat.
        The grounds man then showed me a nest of a duck with eggs. The duck was sitting on her eggs. We did not show anyone where she was.

        • I think that they have a very sharp sense of who is a potential danger for him … I’m just wondering why he had a puppy … then they are specially unconvincing and aggressive then

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