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Good news from Virily!

Good news! Virily sent last month’s earnings! Not much, but there is money coming. No why I thank Virily administrators! You deserve these beautiful rose! Also this rose is for you all along with the thanks for the support you offer me!

“Thank you for being an important part of my story.”

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. Only my dashboard has been updated the payment hasn’t reached me. I am sure when I wake up tomorrow paypal, would have sent me a message.

  2. I’m not yet received my payment, and might not be because I just joined a week ago 😀
    Hope can reach the minimum payment for next month 🙂

    • The payments have not been made yet but I posted by mistake! Only the dashboard is updated. I wanted to save the post but I clickedthe publish button by mistake! Typical for me!! ?? In any case, payments will be made soon!