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Thank you Virily! – Duck in Cambridge

Moving address is part of life. 3 weeks ago, 15 tenants in my village were told we had to move to other Housing NZ locations. You may know that I lived in Onehunga and today in Buckland’s Beach, and had no idea that Rick, Rui the budgie and I would be here in a beautiful 2 bedroom house and garden overlooking a beautiful park.

I have been off the internet since the 21st Feb because the place I moved to is Chorus Fibre Optic and I did not have the cable to connect to the internet, but retained the services of Vodafone NZ.

Today, I had some technical help and Im grateful.

Much to my surprise I discover I have been paid by Virily.

I already miss the others in our Onehunga Village we were like a family.  I have been richly blessed by each and every one of them. However, sometimes we are called to go to other locations. Our village and no mans land will go up in profit making apartments and glass towers. 

Now in Bucklands Beach, East Auckland, this is an even better place overlooking a park. Sometimes you have to walk forward and not look back. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I’m glad for you Pam that you like the new house. I understand from the writing that you have a view of a beautiful park. You’ll love this one if there are birds in it. Congratulations on your payment.

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