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Five simple eating changes that make you feel better each day

The power that the carefully selected food has on our body and the good feeling in our own skin is invaluable. Here are some ideas and tips to improve your eating and feel better every day.

1. Start every day with a breakfast

Often we can hear that breakfast is the most important meal in the day. Although each meal is equally important, breakfast certainly takes a special place because it helps us to supply the body with the necessary energy and nutrients to awaken and be ready for new work tasks that we expect during the day.

Skipping breakfast will have a bad effect on the level of glucose, the main fuel for the work of our brain, and at the same time increases the ability to eat a higher amount of food during the day.

2. Let two thirds of the total food intake be herbal origin

Foods that are mostly based on foods of plant origin are an extremely powerful way to maintain your health. Let in your daily intake of plant foods be as common as possible and you will notice how you feel better day by day, you have more energy for everyday tasks, and the dream will become better.Choose whole grains and their products, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, nutty legumes, powerful seeds and nuts, and high quality vegetable oils. Of course, foods of animal origin are welcome on your plate, but do not waste more than one third of total food intake. An excellent choice is fresh fish and seafood, poultry and fermented dairy products. Try to consume chocolate less as little as possible, and limit the intake of red meat to a maximum of 500 g per week.

3. Increase fluid intake

Do you know what covers the secrets of shiny skin, enough energy, mood and good health? The key is in the proper supply of our body with water.

If you want to calculate exactly your individual individual needs for fluid intake in the day, a very simple formula can help you. Namely, you only need to multiply your body mass with 0.3 dl and you will get the value of your own daily fluid requirements.

4. Let your daily meals be regular

Even children in the kindergarten learn about the meal arrangement, so they also know that every day begins with a breakfast, followed by lunch. Afternoon snacks and dinners at the end of the day are meals that are consumed in the second half of the day.

If you want a simple intervention to change old habits, try to try out a trendy eating trick supported by modern scientific research.

It is enough to limit the time while consuming meals at 11 o’clock in a day, and during the remaining 13, limit yourself to water, low-calorie drinks and a quality sleep. This way of eating is very easy to carry, and it has many beneficial effects on health. Research has shown that it can help reduce total food intake throughout the day, which can lead to a loss of excess pounds.

5. You do not need to give up the sweet, but choose healthier desserts

The introduction of new habitual habits does not necessarily mean a waiver of sweet taste. There are many healthier versions of traditional sweets, but also cakes that are enriched with unusual ingredients.

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  1. I try to eat breakfast, but many days I just don’t have time. Also with the time changes from Summer time to winter time, my body just is not hungry when I have the time to eat, so I don’t, and then I get ravenous and eat anything that is sight. I ate today pickles and chocolate together, and no I’m not pregnant!!

  2. Very good recommendations especially the water intake. I do drink about four cups of coffee a day (way too much I know) but the rest is all water. I also only eat only twice a day but never breakfast as I am and will always be a very slow waker upper person. Unfortunately, being 64 years old, I am still unable to lose weight. But what the hay, nobody is looking…


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