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Iron Lady Of Pakistan

Muneba Mazari is Iron Lady Of Pakistan. She is world first WheelChair Model. She was born in 1987 in Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan. Muneba...

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Conflict Over Kashmir

As everybody knows that Pakistan and India has fought two wars over conflict of Kashmir.  Kashmir is an Hemaliya region famous for it's beautiful...

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Fear Can Stop Our Success

One i was going to city on my bike cycle. When I have reach a school where i saw a sign board. These words...

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Heat Lightning Story

There was a bus-station along a deserted highway. One stormy night middle-age man entered it. After sometime a young Girl came there. She looked...

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Magi Want To Celebrate Their Christmas

Magi wanted to celebrate their Christmas in a traditional way by offering gifts to each other. Magi were wise men who brought gifts for...

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Iron Lady Of Pakistan

Conflict Over Kashmir

Fear Can Stop Our Success

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