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Different size mask

Different size mask and there used. These all mask are used for oxygen providing to humans body by mouth and nose. These mask are made...

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Fast and easy stiching

This is latest technology of science. It's name is skin stapler. It is very and easy to use. It's applied on every scar and...

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Crispy Tea break

This is chips today we eating in tea break. It's makes from potatoes, cut the potatoes in small large pieces, than mix in gram...

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Fire ext

This cylinder are fill from Corbin dioxide. Which use for fire controlling. It's is a small pin, when pull and remove the pin, than...

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Sweet dinner in winter

Today is sunday and end of the long weekend. We getup late morning in from the rotien days. All works done befor evening. I purchase...

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Different size mask

Fast and easy stiching

Crispy Tea break

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