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Favoritism in Virily

I am experiencing this since a week this month and almost every month that my article are not published on time or with delay some time with three days delay some time two days delay but at the same time I see few members articles are published on time and with out any delay. Is this is something virily giving earning opportunity to very few member and restricting others to a specific earning amount. Now since three days my articles are in pending status where the few member articles has been published for thrice time. I am failed to understand this why this is happening with me may be many of you are also experiencing this. I would also love to hear from you. Thank you

  • Do you the same reservation ?

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  • Do you see your article not published for a day or more but few others member post are published frequently ?

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  1. Just be patient and work through Virily…I somehow got to the stage I don’t have to wait for my posts to be approved.
    Sometimes I don’t put enough words on and they put the post into drafts, but now I am aware of that, it doesn’t happen too often.

    You will see, patience really is a virtue.

  2. I usually post about 3 to 4 articles at once. Then I notice that at least 3 get approved but one stays pending for at least 3 or more days and then finally gets approved. I just keep adding articles every couple of days and hope for the best.

  3. I can understand your frustration about the various delays in the publication matters. I see some friends, both verified and those who have not, explained many reasons. I just hope you and all of our friends here who have posted regularly and continuously will immediately get verified user status.

  4. I experience the exact same thing. Some people can publish every minute on the minute. Me? From 12 Friday until Monday morning…I AM NOT PUBLISHED.

    From Monday morning to Friday Morning I can see what I posted yesterday after 12 Noon published, and if I hurry up and get something done before 10 that will be published.

    After 10 (EST) NOPE

    • I already explained you the same thing like dozens of times, and take a look at Doc’s comment below who said the same thing…: we (who are not verified) all wait the same way EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!!!

      There are also the working hours of virily admins, they never sit here ALL DAY approving articles but just until the certain hour………!!!!!

  5. I agree that the verified user status should be explained. Nobody seems to know how to reach it, and that is not fair to anyone. Waiting so long for approval would be very frustrating. And it is an issue that has been here for as long as I know. This is where the lack of communication issue comes up that I used to talk about so much. You have the right to know.

  6. I always aim to post twice per week. My submitted article takes 3 days to be published. I have been used to it. Nowadays I do more of reading while waiting for my article to be published.
    Well, I don’t think Virily moderators/editors/staff are in any mood to add more verified users. It’s only for a select few🤔🤔

  7. I think verified users get their posts published immediately and since the staff don’t approve posts on weekends most of ours get stuck, I wonder what the criteria is to become a verified user.

  8. I do certainly understand the frustration you are expressing.

    1. The site publishes the requirements to get to verified.’
    2, The admin team works Monday – Friday approving articles. I remember seeing a 2, 3 and even 5 day lag on posts made on the weekends.
    3. There is no intent or special list that some are approved first.

  9. I have the same perversion … these are checked members … how do you get it, but I do not know myself … it is decided by the gentlemen on Virilya … I wrote to them, but I did not get any answers

  10. I am a verified member and I do not need to wait anymore. In the beginning, we all needed to wait for the approval. There will come a time when moderators may let you post without approval. Just be patient.

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