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The Benefits of Being a Loyal Virilyan

Our team is so grateful to have you here. We are so happy that Virily has become a place where you can do what you love, make friends and have a lot of fun. We are working hard to make the process of publishing as well as earning extra money much more easier – and we think we are doing great so far.

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There are so many benefits that loyal members can enjoy. Do you consider yourself a loyal member? What should you do to become one?

Your job on Virily is to write original, creative and useful articles that everyone would like to share. If you post such articles regularly – the chances to be chosen by our team as a LOYAL VIRILYAN for your trustworthiness are greater.

There are many more factors that are always considered by our staff than submitting articles regularly, including your English language level, your posts rejections and reasons why those posts were rejected. Loyal are those who are following our rules, showing interest and helping us every day to make this platform a better place.

And what is the reward of being loyal?

Once recognized, those members become VERIFIED USERS on Virily.

What does that mean?

Verified users have the option to publish their posts by themselves. Sounds interesting and so much easier right!?

Of course, your posts will be checked from time to time, so make sure not to betray us, otherwise we will have to take some serious actions.

“We rise by lifting others.”


Much love,

Virily team


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  1. Thank you. You’ve encouraged me to pursue and be more active here and enjoy the benefits of being recognized as Virily’s VERIFIED USER.

    Cheers and success to us all!

  2. This is wonderful news. The waiting time for approval has discouraged me from wanting to publish here. I appreciate your diligence in keeping junk off the site, but it’s nice to know that those of us who do try to follow the rules and write fluent English may be verified and not have to wait for our posts to appear. I agree that the ability to edit without staff help would also be a nice benefit for those who are verified, and it would also benefit staff because it would free up more of their time. But posts that have been edited to break the rules could still be reported by other verified members, since we are also motivated to keep site quality high. There are many legitimate reasons for editing a post, and on sites like HubPages it’s almost required to keep them updated to keep them Google friendly.

  3. It would be useful to have an editing facility, so that changes could be made to posts after they have been published – without having to get Virily staff to do this. I often provide links to previous posts, but cannot at present add links from posts already published – this is annoying because a link from “Part 2” to “Part 1” is all very well, but linking from Part 1 to Part 2 would make sense as well!

    The ability to edit would be necessary if verified members are able to publish instantly. This is because at present it is possible to “rescue” a post and make changes (correcting errors, etc) to “pending” posts, but if posts do not “pend” this could be a problem.

  4. Great post! I have just been asking Natalie, what I can do to grow the company and that I have been writing for 8 similar sites, (about 6000 posts), who have closed down, this was before reading this post.

  5. I think I really need to spend some more time here, the site is great and the community quite friendly. Thank you for this update, it is good to know that active virily users will have a reward.

  6. I have been a member since the start of this great site. However, I stopped posting for the past few months because I am not sure whether you really pay writers to write on this website. For I had a problem with my viril records I earned for my last quiz published here. The number of shares and the supposedly rewards did not match. Until now, I am confused whether the visitor who reads my quiz is tallied as visitor or read. For I understand, read and visitor have different reward system. Am I right? When someone reads your post, you as an author get 5 virils with no limit. When you refer visitor, you get 1 viril with a limit of 500 per day. How about if that visitor you referred read your post? How many virils you get? Is it 5 or 1? I am confused with this. I had a quiz with with 1.3K shares but with only 117 views. Is it possible that those 117 people who views my quiz shared it for 1.3K times? I am not complaining here, okay? I just want this to be explained so that I could eradicate the doubt I have and start posting here again. I know that you pay. I just want to know how you tally the rewards for each action. I hope this will be clarified. Thank you admin! More power!

  7. Also, consider the time Virily admins will save only periodically evaluating content from verified users. I post every day, so it must be labor intensive on their end…

  8. This is the idea of improving the quality of mutuality that is worthy of respect. I am sure that the editorial team has worked hard to be able to bring Virily’s current face. However, I strongly believe that Virily users have also worked hard to get their posts out and can be released according to the rules and criteria. In other words, there is only a quality post in Virily because a material that does not meet the terms and conditions will be rejected. My point is, we all, together, just need to work harder for this community to be more fun, exciting, and nothing else but to benefit all of us, in the broadest sense.

  9. Thanks, Virily Team, for your appreciative post. Your proposal is a wonderful idea and I do hope it works well, in the long run. I must use this opportunity to say – ‘Well done for your excellent work in running such an inspiring platform. Good job, Virily’!

  10. This is an encouraging idea to publish more of my posts to get even more loyal toVirily…Nice idea from your platform…Hope I can attain that title too — VERIFIED USER.. 🙂

  11. Very good and encouraging idea. I like this platform because it has a good team that encourages its participants continuously. It gives them new forms of development.

  12. Great idea – there are a number of interesting potential issues with self-publication. The first is the reality of short posts and useless information on the site.

    I do like that you are going to do periodic reviews. I find that a useful way to reduce some of the bad information posts.

    Good luck with the new program.

    • First, I respect you. Second, how does one really determine what is useless. What may be meaningful to me on any particular may be simply useless to you. At the very least it should be interesting to see how it goes. I would assume you have already been given the status.

      • It is a tough question, one that I wanted to ask Team virily because I am curious. What I think personally, is useless is, of course, different than what others do!

  13. What a great encouraging post. I think a lot of us are loyal members. And this will definitely cut down on time waiting on our posts to be approved plus your time as well.

  14. Virily is an awesome and unique platform. What makes it so special is the friendly environment and a very intelligent, efficient and proactive team to take care of.
    We look forward to the success of Virily and let this become a place for the newbies not only to learn but also Earn something good for their efforts.

    Teamwork makes a Dreamwork.
    Hats off to the Virily team and all the Bloggers who keep us busy and interested here.

  15. This is a wonderful post Team, thank you for recognizing all the efforts that many of the members are doing here!
    I think that Virily is being a successful project because both the members are participating with all their heart and the team administrators are listening.
    It is a great idea to have verified members. Is there anything that should be done on behalf of the members? Or should they just wait to be chosen? Can they apply for it?
    I will be looking forward to reading more comments here.
    Thank You!!!!

  16. While I think this is an awesome idea, I think the help section needs to include the word minimums because some of us are old and have try and make a list and keep track. I also get confused on which require pictures in this and that. Perhaps an awesome writer who has been here for a long time could do that.

    It’s not that we try to break the rules. We don’t know the rules. How many posts are you allowed to submit?

    For example does hot or not require pictures not words? Does VS require pictures? Is there anyway to delete a draft?