Claw ~ Macro Monday

Before giving birth to Blue at the beginning of last year, Susie preferred to stay out of the house, even playing around in the neighborhood and stay out there. If she comes home for food, she also rarely wants to enter the house. The condition changed since Blue was born. Susie back to her behavior, more like to stay in the house as before.

Even so, she occasionally also asked us to open the door to get outside for a while for various purposes. The problem is, in the rainy season like this now if she plays (or for poop) farther from the terrace, going to the garden for example, then when she returns to the terrace especially entering the house is her muddy footprint with on the floor. Not to mention to prevent the muddy tread from sticking to the sofa or bed! So, this particular thing finally became my job – because no one dared to accept Susie’s scratches if she struggled – to clean her body and foot from all the dirt. The hardest part of the job is cleaning the nails.

The task reminded me of various “dirty” jobs that most people do not want to do, or don’t (want) know, like those that often become stories of various action films whether they are espionage, contract killers, etc.

  • Do you know such dirty work?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever had such a task in any connotation?

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What do you think?

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    • I am still trying to understand “dirty” in your connotations in the tone of your words… Long time hanging out or coming into contact with certain community groups and also joining NGOs and mass organizations, I know enough about dirty work that is not merely in the sense of cleaning cat’s claws. So, I am sure that you also know such dirty work based on your background, right?

  1. Robbing the bank or murdering someone – – – those are dirty works. Cleaning Susie is difficult work. I am not very good at physical care department so if I can avoid, I would ?. But fate taught me a lot of bittersweet lessons in that aspect and now (altho I will still avoid it if I could), I would say, when presented with a circumstance, I am capable of flexibility and adjustment ?

  2. There is a wonderful carpet system from Orvis that has ridges. As the dog or cat walks over it, the majority of mud is removed. With two dogs and previously four dogs. we had a lot of mud in the basement. we still have some, but easier to remove a small amount than having to clean a lot off the floor!

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