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Nail Holes In The Wood ~ Macro Monday

After being a user of Virily for a certain time, becoming a friend of many people who often changed, who came and left, I could not count how many comments I had written, how many thousands of words I had said, those things sometimes made me ask myself, have I ever hurt someone’s feelings here?

I am a person who likes to joke, likes to long chat, occasionally questioning a reply that I lacking understand the point, straighten the point that I conveyed that I fear has been misunderstood, and the worst is probably giving “advice” without being asked, with almost all writing which smelt of smart ass. A few hours ago, I also joked with HarpingByAPixie while talking about a compliment which could be misunderstood as an insult. HarpingByAPixie was one of my very pleasant long-time chat friends besides Beada Beada, Carol DM, Alex Ledante, Zaklina Maca Miljkovic, Kim_Johnson, LaJenna, Doc Andersen, Deepizzaguy, Alibb, Tasartcraft, and others.

I am sure that most of the friends here are very understanding of differences, full of tolerance and very appreciative, but still, we are all human beings with various strengths and weaknesses, who can really understand one thing but cannot accept anything else. Moreover, with the language we use here, which is generally not a mother tongue, we may have used one or several inappropriate words that can hurt other people’s feelings. Realizing that, I really hope that if someone among you, anyone who has ever felt offended, hurt or is unable to accept my words in any form; jokes, opinions, suggestions, or whatever, willing to give me feedback.

The nail on the wood could have been removed, but the hole would still be left there. I could apologize and perhaps you had or would be willing to forgive, but the wound might make an impression. for that, even though there are injuries that I have made in your heart, still I feel the need to apologize to you.

Virily is the fourth platform from a similar site where I am a member. I just want to build friendships, and together with you all promote this community to be better known, more attractive outside, more recognized and considered by big media like Google and others.

So, once again, I beg you for feedback and input that might improve the way I get along and play in this community. Thank you all.

  • Question of

    Have I ever insulted, hurt, or offended you?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Would you please give me feedback and input?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Which one I could offend you … a very good man, a good heart, and a great friend … I can not even think that anyone can offend you … from what I know you always help me with any thing, and that’s why I am grateful my dearest friend

  2. You have never offended me, and If something concerned me that you said to me I would ask you to explain. Your personality is one of helping your fellow man, not harming him. I might joke around about giving you a poor grade, but you always deserve an A****** so never worry about me. Thank you for the mention teacher!
    Also the photo looks like artwork of some strange kind. Unique but has many messages within it.

  3. I suspect you and I are on a similar quest to make things better. That said I will tell you if you offend me. I will always let you know when you make me laugh.

    But I do understand that need to make sure we aren’t offending. I did not publish the Virily influencers list after I finished the initial data collection. I knew the reaction wouldn’t be good or bad, just that people’s feelings would get hurt.

    You have my pledge if you often I will let you know.
    If you make me laugh, well I already do tell you when you make me laugh.
    If you make me think I already tell you that as well.

    • I think we have to do many ways to make this site more fun, both personally and collectively. So I think, personally, I need to do self-introspection either through reflection or by asking for feedback and input.

      I am glad you have done your part to raise Virily, not because my name has been plugged in there but because it is indeed beneficial for all of us. And because you have done your part, then I also need to do my part.

      We know that perhaps 95% (only estimates) of all comments here are positive but that tendency sometimes makes us less open to saying real opinions, or comments that are contextual after we read an article well, not perfunctory as you indicated in your previous post.

      Hey, I’m happy with all your feedback so far, so it doesn’t matter if you also remind me or give input on my discordant tone. Thanks, Doc!

  4. Damn. Which joke is that you are referring to that I must take as insult? Do tell so I can feign being insulted ?. You are an smartass. But I like smartass people. They make good match for word-fencing.

    I answered yes and no to question 1 and 2. Why? Because that is the way I want to answer the questions ???. Now you can feign being offended ???.

    Let me say this. Things happened the way they are supposed to happen. No accident. That said, I am surprised to find the pixie in this article. Long-time chat friend? You call it chat, I call it bantering. So you are my banter-brotha ??

    • Geez! I am always glad if there are fairies who try to mess up my cake of pleasure cake so that I can learn sincerely to share. Dear soul sister, You have indeed inspired me to try to receive feedback after we joke at each other on my last post in the reflection challenge.

      Did you know that I jumped happily when I read 1 yes for the first question in order there are people who doubt my credibility, and hopefully, they don’t read this conversation.

      Hey! We have indeed agreed on “there is no coincidence”, also if you prefer to make fun of me!

      • Well, the only credibility I doubt about you is your credibility to piss me off that would make me write you off in my existence. Lol!

        The answers to the questions were a combination of honesty and shenanigans. By now, you know which is which. Sadly, it will take you a long time to really annoy me. Maybe you should stop being an smartass then prolly I will get bored and leave your posts be. ??

          • It seems to me you already read it before replying this one. And apparently you found a weakness in the book of Revelation. No worries, not enough to ruffle my feathers. One of the important lessons of 2018, my dearest brother, is finding out I can be domesticated. Lol! Not quite me, but I survived. Just don’t refer me as flower or cookie coz that is just ugh! and unforgiveable. ?

  5. Some folks are too easily offended, or are too thin skinned. Anyone who knows you already knows that you wouldn’t try to hurt someone’s feelings intentionally. If you worry about being misunderstood then you won’t say anything at all…

  6. My dear friend, I am very similar to you. I like to joke, so I understand the joke, I talk a lot (if it allows me), I like to accept some advice, opinion, because we are learning our whole life, etc. I’m happy to read your comments.


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