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Bubbles ~ Macro Monday

A small bottle filled with glass cleaning liquid that has fallen off gives rise to colorful foam bubbles because it reflects what’s around it. Seeing that beauty, I then shuffled more so that the liquid in the bottle produced more bubbles.

Noting the bubbles, and how the colors move on the surface of each of those little bubbles, my mind wanders to many things, simultaneously and continuously to beauty, artwork, social media, politics, quantum theory, the conflict between science vs. religion, right & wrong, duality, etc.

The wandering mind stopped when I felt as if I was trapped in one of the bias bubbles. Then I saw the condition was like a big madness. Imagine, I who have been trapped in a small bubble has assessed or judged other bubbles and other people in each bubble! Even all bubbles! That’s crazy! I judge because I feel that I’m good, that I’m smart, that I’m right! That is my capital to have the right to see other people lower than me. Putting the title “bad, wrong, stupid, or despicable” towards others who are at odds or disagree with me! Or vice versa, feeling other people’s bubbles are more beautiful so I feel inferior to others.

This true feeling can actually be nullified if we are willing to put aside the ego we have. The ego that makes us reluctant to try to read, know, or understand more things related to things about other people we want to comment on, respond to, or rate.

This is an important reason why we must look for other truths that are able to break the truth we hold today. If one truth can break another truth then we need to realize that at certain limits it is no more our right to determine right or wrong.

Maybe if we have protracted into a biased bubble, we also have to enter the other bias bubbles, or bring each of the bias bubbles closer together and break them together so that there are no more bubbles that trap us.

While there I saw the bubble inside the bottle from a sufficient distance, the bubbles finally ran out and returned to the cleaning fluid completely.

  • Do you see the phenomenon of captivity in others or even yourself?

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  1. 6th day of making me think 😉

    The energy of captivity, the power that keeps us within our chosen personalities. To use the adage of a famous writer, to hide behind the clowns mask.

    It raises many more questions. Why would the bubbles choose, because of the impact to appear?

    • The question is who did it?
      Both are related to that energy, also between bubbles with us in it.
      Is that our own energy to keep us there? Or energy from the bubble? Or a combination of the two?

      Do we choose a bubble? Or bubble choose us? Or do we and the bubble attract each other unification? or because there is another energy (in this case someone shakes the liquid) that puts us in a bubble, whether it is from the outside or from the inside or the combination of the two?

      Which is more important to find the answer first, why are we in a bubble or because of the impact to appears?

  2. Wise reasoning as ever. I liked the phrase, “Maybe if we went on in an addicted balloon, we should also get into the other bubbles of bias, or get each of the bubbles close and tear them off so there’s no more bubbles to catch us.” But if some people want to get this option

    • Maybe not everyone agrees with that view, or many agree – because basically everyone has the glory of heart – but find it difficult to apply it, and that is our own right. I just want to show an easy way to find happiness which is our basic right, even our nature.

      Thank you so much, Elenka.

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