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Automation futures – we need to teach new skills now!

One of the important things is to get information out! Yesterday I was talking about automation and wanted to make sure everyone understood the reality.

  1. Taxies will be one of the first systems that are automated for safety. They will still have a driver for those situations that are beyond the computer’s capacity to deal with.
  2. Uber and Lyft are testing driverless cars, and their model might not employ drivers in the future.

There is a great article that was written a year or so ago, I can’t find it right now but will share it if I do find it. It talks about jobs in the world.

  1. Jobs people love
  2. Jobs people hate
  3. Jobs that wear and tear on human beings.

The last category and the 2nd category are the first ones that would or could be replaced by automation. If a job over time causes injury and we can automate it, shouldn’t we? Now the other side of this is the reality of humans no longer had jobs. I won’t paint the rosy picture of the job market that several futurists have painted. The reality of where we are today is that for automation to be effective, we need education. We need to help people be able to earn a living doing other jobs. Mechanics and those who fix machinery will have a fairly straight forward transition to an automated world. Those dealing in physical labor will require education.

In considering automation, we have to consider two components. The first is the overall cost. The reality of the cost is that automation for many tasks is going to be five or more years out. We have time to teach new skills. The US failed to do this with automation in the automotive industry and it resulted in chronic unemployment in the part of the US knowns as the rust belt. Flint Michigan which used to have five Automotive operating plants now has two and at the point, the unemployment reached 21% in that area. The funny thing, car companies knew automation was coming; they didn’t educate their workers. Many new jobs are created by automation.

But the time of education is now. We need to figure out what jobs hit category three above and start to build automation systems to protect humans. We need to education mechanics and those who work with machines on how to solve problems in the new world order. Automation is not new, and it has taken over several industries over the past ten years. It is time to teach new skills!

  • Question /

    automation can be scary, right?

    • Yes
    • No
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    human safety is the most important thing, right?

    • Yes
    • No
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    People that work in jobs that are hurting them, deserve a chance to do something else right?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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  1. I see why Uber and Lyft are going to automation now because I’m seeing more often on the news about passengers assaulting drivers and drivers assaulting passengers. The automation would eliminate litigation.

    Yes (9 votes) – 90%
    No (1 votes) – 10%
    Yes (11 votes) – 100%
    Yes (9 votes) – 100%

  3. With the continuous development of AI, particularly in the field of driverless vehicles, one of the jobs that will be most affected in the near future is driving. That would include taxi and truck drivers.

    Then again, I agree that there is more than enough time for those who will be affected to learn new skills.

  4. New technology related to automation may create jobs or raise wages. … By reducing production costs, automation will lead to higher output in affected industries, ameliorating the displacement effect on workers. Automation which increases worker productivity may also increase wages

  5. I struggle with artificial intelligence on the phone. The computer really doesn’t understand what I am saying. Alexa practiced so I suppose it could work if you practice enough, but to do that with each system would be tedious. Does this make sense?

    • it does and it is a new issue for the future.

      1. people like me walk into houses and when no one is around say “Alexa play heavy metal” and then leave!
      2. The voice control systems are evolving. Today they are often hit or miss. Many complain that “Alexa” “Cortana” or “google” does not understand them. My wife has a Toyota with a voice system for navigation, neither of us can get the system to understand a midwest US accent!

  6. I absolutely think automated landmine detectors , coal digging etc need to be given over to automation. Education and re-skilling is the key. But companies don’t want to spend the extra money doing that.

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