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Apologies if my tone was negative and some interesting additional data

I did want to apologize if I presented or sounded angry in my recap post yesterday. I am not mad or frustrated. I had convinced myself that there was more give and take in many cases than there was—no sense or conveyance of or real frustration on my part. So if I did convey that in any way, I am deeply sorry. It was merely my intention to report what had been found in the initial results of the study my friend is doing. I had already shared the information I thought was negative, was in reporting this yesterday I (and I did review that post) conveyed a negative tone. So, as I started with today, I am very sorry there was no intent of passing negativity. Sorry about that!

The only negative thing I had shared was the discovery of the 20 to 1 my comments on their posts to them commenting on my posts issue. I no longer read those posts or comments, so I fixed that issue the easy way. I moved on.  The reality of my friend’s program overall is that he is studying way more than this site. He is looking at many more places. His primary driver was the presence of a social contract on creative sites. “Creative people as a whole are more or less supportive than the internet as a whole?” Was the initial hypotheses he was operating on, he then expanded it to consider are some sites specifically more damaging than other areas as is there a correlation in that malicious behavior.

One thing that I found interesting is the increasing ability of Social and Creative sites to block users. For example, MyLot bans users for bad behavior. Twitter now flags tweets and also removes tweets. Facebook both flags and removes content. More and more social media sites are allowing people to block users completely. One of the original tenents of social media was that they were not news, nor were they content organizations. The removal of some content does call into question that original legal right in the US. We will have to see; some lawsuits are floating up the chain about the right of both Twitter and Facebook actually to remove content. This weekend we (my pal and I) were talking about engaging a couple of other IP/IC lawyers that we know to get their take on things.

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    • based on the stuff my friend is having me do, I am less and less interested in social media. I know a lot more now and realize only two help writers.

      thanks Steve (The Dunce) felt I was a little negative and I was honoring that feeling.

      • We all pick things up as we feel them.

        I feel sometimes that you churn the writing out pretty quickly, and fast writing can convey different meanings to people too.

        Fast writing removes some of the softness of slower writing, because it often comes hot off of the press, and so can sometimes still have some steam in its freshness, or extra emotion in it highlighting the words.

        • Your friend also pointed out, in your words that “my reactions to people that don’t take responsibility were more negative than it was to people I felt did take responsibility.”

          I was highlighting his observation, and confirming it too, I guess.

          Perhaps, we were both being too sensitive though, as others here seem to agree that you are really a very positive person, and that you always try to boost others here in their positivity too.

          • i was not offended by your comments – i simply wanted to make sure i did not convey a negative tone. Please don’t apologize – it is an open forum each is allowed their thoughts!

            I did find my statement you refer to a bit negative as well upon review.

        • i suspect that the world is comprised of those who don’t write at all. Those who write slowly. Those who write fast and those who write fast. The last are those who do both fast and slow. I tend towards the last category. Some of the things i share have taken 10-12 years to polish.

          • Yes, I can tell that some things you write slow, and some you write fast to get them out there and inform people, so I was right to write that to some degree.

            I tend to write, try to get it right, the first time, and then I seldom go back to it ever again.

            I do not like to revisit my old writing much, and that’s also partly why I do not like this delay in moderating, as by the time the writing is out there finally moderated, I have forgotten about it, and so it is hard for me to answer comments then…lol.. without it still fresh in my mind, as to why I wrote it up like that, so long ago.

            It’s reached 22 days again now.

        • first – i am so sorry all of us are sending emails every day to the admin team.

          Getting information out is the bane of my career. I have been a Knowledge Management person in the last four companies I’ve worked for. It drives me crazy when i walk into a room with senior people and realize there is more information on their hard drives than in the entire company KM system.

          so i do try to get information out as quickly as possible.

          • I knew a spiritual master like that.

            He was poisoned by someone in Europe, but he managed to keep his body alive, as he still had information to give out, and books to write.

            He did die eventually though, about a year after the poisoning.

          • Well, if we fail at failing often enough, we might have at least one success from our doing so, and so we are a successful failure then, as I heard some comedian describe himself as once.

        • avoidance is certain a small victory – but it is not one worthy of a parade.

          I came, I saw and I didn’t spill my coffee was hardly what Ceasar would say crossing the Rubicon.

          there is more to success than not falling down, it may be a small victory, but those don’t always end up lauded.

        • yes advertisers would have rushed to endorse Ceasar, and instead of triumphantly returning to Rome once a hero. He would have died a thousand deaths, crossing the river less and less triumphantly until in the end, he waded across with a can of coke.


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