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Ads are back Good news and Bad news. Why? Ads are back.


The good news is that the ads are back. The bad news is they are no longer the targeted ads we had in the past. These are what are sometimes called tier 2 and sometimes called SPAM ads. For example, a tier-one ad searches the text and aligns the advertisement to the post. You could talk about tractors, and there would be focused ads with tractors and tractor supplies. Now you get what are often the more SPAM related ads on your post. While I understand that the site needs income, the ads that are placed on our posts now make me uncomfortable. Based on that, I am sharing my initial thoughts and concerns with the community to get the discussion out to the community.


1. The ads are now a ½ page, making it even harder to miss them.

2. We all have brands; some of the ads were not the type that I want to be associated with my posts.

I haven’t enjoyed the negativity that filled the site the past few weeks, but I can deal with that. I can and happily do welcome the ads back to the site. But as I have learned in my three years on this site, be careful what you ask for.  There are 3 to 4 tiers of ads on the internet. The most valuable are the targeted ads like what was on the site in the past. The second is the more generic product-specific ads, but not targeted. The third tier is the potential SPAM posts, such as what is now on the site. I am dictating to anyone. I do not set rules. I am merely pointing out what is currently associated with you on the internet.  It is an uncomfortable situation.

I like writing here, but honestly, the rate to 100 views went from 2 days to 3 days. The value of the Viril went down, and now there are ads. Some of the advertisements are close to being offensive. Based on that, I am seriously thinking about if I should continue writing here. I have many people that read my posts every day that do not have accounts here on the site. I am uncertain and will have to reach out to that community and see if the ads offend them. I know that many of them have stayed away due to the negativity. Hopefully, that has passed. But these ads may offend enough of them that I will have to move on from the site and write somewhere else.

My grandfather used to say, “if you live above a bar, don’t complain about the noise. You can always smove.”

  • Are we living above a bar now?


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