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Wander project away from home…

What does 1 million miles flown mean, it means you were away from home a lot. The pictures today from one of the many business trips I took. I like traveling with my family a lot more. Not that I resented work or felt that work was imposing on me. It was that I was away from home sometimes for two weeks. Although in fairness, my father also traveled for work. But he was gone for 2-3 months at a time when he traveled.

He traveled over the years to Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Pakistan. In all cases, we had similar missions in the sense that we were there to make something better. He landed and spent time in countries, helping them become better prepared to teach science to students. I landed and helped customers better prepare for the new digital age of computers.  Dad’s was far nobler than mine was.

But for either of us, it was travel. Travel isn’t easy when you are alone. It is easier to travel alone than with a family because you only have to worry about one person. With a family, you worry about everyone. But you don’t worry about who is sitting next to you on the airplane. You already know who that person is.

I would not trade my travels for anything. I wish my family had been able to come with me! Pictures are from a trip to Hawaii in 2008).

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