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Legend of wonderful nature in Rila mountain in Bulgaria

The legend of the seven lakes of Rila tells that thousands of years ago, when there were no people yet, two giants – a man and a woman – lived in Rila Mountain. They loved crazy and adored the beauty and coziness of their home.

Their home was so attractive, sunny, warm and cozy that they could not disappoint every living creature, and their love enjoyed all the elements and the whole world.

Unfortunately, one day evil forces passed past their home. Having seen this beautiful place, envied the family happiness of the giants, angry and decided to destroy everything and erase their love forever. They began to send black clouds and devastating winds. Terrible earthquakes shook the earth.

The giant defended violently every blade of grass, every little stream or flower, protecting his beloved, and defeating the attacks of evil forces. But this only sparked their enormous malice and cruelty, and they decided to do their hard work to the end.

In a difficult battle the young giant fell killed. Satisfied with their victory, the evil forces left, leaving behind broken rocks, devastated valleys, and a troubled woman. The grief of the young widow was so great that her tears flowed unceasingly and flowed down the ridges right into the valleys. They wandered and gathered in the marshes as they formed clear lakes with amazing purity.


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Written by Olga N