Colours of Pakistan: Meet Samina Baig, No Mountain Too High

No mountain is too high for this amazing young 27 year old woman from Pakistan who has climbed Mt. Everest with her brother Mirza Ali Baig. Brother and sister both are avid mountain climbers and their ambition is to climb all the high peaks around the world.

Samina Baig became the first Pakistani woman to climb the Mount Everest on May 19, 2013. It is her desire to raise the Pakistani flag on seven highest peaks of the world in a bid to encourage gender equality and geographic harmony. Samina’s brother approximately 248m short from the summit of Everest, let his sister go to the summit on her own without his support ,to give message of women empowerment in Pakistan.

The ‘Seven Summits in Seven Continents’ are some of the highest mountains in the world, and climbing them is considered a great feat among international mountaineers. The summits include Mount Aconcagua, Mt Vinson (Antarctica), Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Carstenz Pyramid (Indonesia), Mt Everest (Nepal), Mt Denali/McKinley (USA) and Mt Elbrus (Russa)

Message from the brother-sister duo from Pakistan:

“Our goal is to connect with the world to promulgate not just peace and understanding but a love for nature, the nuanced beauty of different places.”


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