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Identify the festival of North East India : Quiz

Can you Identify the different type of festival celebrate in North East India. This festivals are very popular in Northeast India. Many Indian peoples...

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Quiz: Can You Identify The Name Of The Game?

Can you identify the name of the game ?  These games are very popular all over in the world. Many people play this game...

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Identify the Football Players : Quiz

Can you identify the famous football player of the world. Its very easy to recognize them as they are very very famous sports persons....

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Rare Endangered species – Sangai: Found only in Manipur.

Source The Sangai, in English name as Brow-altlered deer, scientific name : Rucervus eldii eldii  is an endangered sub species which is found only in...

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Tourist Spots in Manipur, North East India.

Loktak Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in northeast India. This Lake is famous for phumdis. Do you know phumdis? Phumdis means decomposition of...

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