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Goodbye Virily, Unless You Change Your ways

Too bad I am leaving Virily, I used to love this site. But this last week has proven to be too much for me,...

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I Am Not Sure

I am not sure whether or not I want to stay writing at Virily. I used to love this site. I used to feel...

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Getting in Shape to Get in Shape…

I have been wanting to take a taekwondo class, and I finally decided to just do it. The problem is, I am in no...

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A theory of everything | Garrett Lisi source I found this strange "theory of everything" created by Antony Garret Lisi, a theoretical physicist living in his van in Hawaii, surfing in his...

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Up Before Dawn

Lately I've been getting up well before dawn, sometimes as early as two in the morning. Even if I go to bed later, I...

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