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Virily Crew: Do You React Before Commenting?

We as writers here on Virily like to see reactiosn on our posts. Many writers just forget to show a reaction at the bottom of each post. Why not react before commenting, it is easier. A lot of times when I would get finished with reading a post I would comment, but would forget to react, so I have been trying more to react first.

Reacting first helps keep this motion going. It is not hard to forget to react. I would just tend to forget to scroll to the bottom after commenting. Not any more!  Show a little love and react, react, and more reacting.

Have a good day everybody.


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna


  1. Now that is something, being new here I guess, I always forget to do. Now that I read this post I will react. Thanks for this post.

    • Yes I agree Carol! I just meant if you would want to react just react before commenting or the tendency to forget will happen more often. Thank you!

  2. I don’t have a problem with reacting. I make my comment if I have one and afterward always look to see what choice of reactions I have. Usually, they are love and win.

  3. I rarely react. Mostly because I am still very confused about the dude with sunglasses and what those mystery “three” letters really mean. WTF is my family means Where’s the food, and I am sure no one sees it that way here. However, if you like the reactions I will be happy to leave them for you. And if you, LaJenna, know what the WIN stands for please let me know.

  4. Well, I do see your point, certainly, but I have a few problems with going that route. First, if a writing site wants to be taken seriously emojis should be taken out of the picture. They can be fun, but because they are used to take the place of writing a writer’s site probably shouldn’t use them. Also, I personally do not care for them, though I am not offended by others who do like them. I would rather see the bar raised for writers. I want the chance to continually mature my writing and I see emojis as taking things the other direction.