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This weathers’ unrest is thwarting my best.

Great, garish, glowing green grins o’ greetings!

Yes, I know, if I appeared more frequently, I could be,…really obnoxious, grin, and would be visiting more, as well as avoiding, storm day interruptions.

Satellite signal is playing havoc on Note-of-fish-nations. Navigating is impossible, not sure this will post.

Nonetheless, I’m going to try extolling some friends who will have to wait for my next resurface for responses to the wonderful things they say to fish. Thank you.

Albert Herdie, Soaring warrior of wing, word and the wonder of being.

Kim Johnson, Wanderer of Western woods with a wry eye for humor and weird fish.

Carol DM, Soulful swimmer with a glimmer for gorgeous photos of flowers and inspired this impromptu floral snafu from me to you.

Jenny C, recently found me and about emptied the sea with her tsunami of up votes that caused me great glee!

And then there’s Natalie, the Virily employee who did not like me. I’m hoping we see a little more gracious acceptance of odd rhymes from the sea.

And finally this, for those I may miss. This existence is bliss, even if I’m a fish. All I ever wish is for each to find happiness. >-=^;>


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  1. I too woke up to find this wonderful post fishy! Thank you so much, I am honored to be mentioned alongside all of these fine folks! I love all the flowers! The place looks a bit different without the bubbles! Stay green my friend ~~~ we hope to see more!

    • You are just as much culpable. encouraging me the way you do. Each, luring the catfish out the ol’ mud hole, baiting and chumming and row in to troll. Provoking proboscis ’til I lose all control and the waves start to rush and I bubble up from my bowl.
      Grin. I thank you. Keep prodding, …I’m not dead, that’s a different aroma,…just luring you. …Snap! SpLaSh! BRIGHT, GLOWING GREEN,…and nibbles..>-=^;>

        • Catfish. You know there’s a show. Not too clever, people pretend they’re other people, trying to catch some other people. Kind of rude actually. I was first and they got it all bass-ackwards. Catfish catch more humans than other humans and there is no, “bait n’ switch”, you always get exactly what you see, ME. They should’ve consulted…
          Those brownies were potent! I’d halve the dosage.. still swimming in a kaleidoscope …. oh look, stars…ha! >-=^;>

    • What A beautiful picture you’ve painted! Thank you brother! “no matter how Earth may hit me” , been there.
      You of the sky and of delicate flight
      brings joy to any eye of even slight sight.
      You sweep the air softly, in your words is your might.
      and that, stealthy flyer, is worth thrice, in all loves’ light.

      I only wish to infect the happiness I’ve come to learn from true existence. Many, like you, your “Gracious Gregariousness”, make it a grinning swim and lovely float. Thank you. >-=^;>

  2. …”Carol DM, Soulful swimmer with a glimmer for gorgeous photos of flowers and inspired this impromptu floral snafu from me to you.”

    How kind to wake up with this lovely greeting from my friend! Love your flower garden.
    You just made my morning. 🙂


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