Strange lives on Tethys

The desert has no monopoly on mirages.

“Now, when it ends dripping, due to temperatures tipping

and winds begin whipping, soon senses commence dipping.

It’s Winters’ Wraith gripping, her froze hair nose nipping

and I think my brain’s slipping, ’cause there’s a catfish snow skipping!

He seems resolute but, I’m not absolute.

I see no hat, coat or boot, though boots would be moot.

Just a black and white suit below a weird whiskered snoot,

seems a quite affable brute with his cute, frugg n’ scoot, scoot.

My mind has lost me!…This fish cannot be!

For sure not in defrost, air land or even, sea!

Then his voice, tossed across; “Have you seen the other three?”

Now, I’m going to get sauced and it appears he’s coming with me!


What do you think?


Written by Beada Beada

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  1. I just don’t know what to say about this fish. I see your fish antics in all the foam.. Too many bubbles in white for me. It looks like the catfish gods visited and left a big fish with .. A WIDE GRIN? Thanks for the tour!

    • It’s not like I don’t have plenty to do, web bus, guide gigs, not to mention my zoo… some days i like just goofing off too, and spending a swim with some good friends, like you. Bubbles, muffin! Big, iridescent ones. What? Oh right! of course, SpLaSh! Grin n’ tail fin…>-=^;>

  2. Should I be angry at the snow for freezing the lake and icy?
    Should I be jealous because catfish chirps merrily in the anomaly?
    Do I need to come in this cheerful party even though sauced late for you and me?
    All right, I did come late though, you see
    if I get arrived unconsciously
    wake me later if fainted by ice frozen or because of your jokes of cracky!

    • You, again? Now I’m worried, try half the dose, dear. Grin. There’s six of with our imaginations going simultaneously, “I’,m not schizophrenic, we’re all really here. It’s called six-fish-o-nistic and synergistically dear. A kind of symbiotic relationship is clear, says the mind of this psychotic with fish oration in an ear. The din and the dolor, the depths do get scary, I went to the doctor with wishes she’d spare me, she said,” this is no case of tri-bi-polarity, all six of you fish have tail twists in hilarity”. I warned you. Thank you sweet swimmer.

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