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Accidental Existence.

I was just a thought, across time and space

an atomic dust dot, tossed at lights’ standard pace.

Cosmic gas must’ve wrought lime green grins and a face

and it’s panache busting flash, I ought and will not erase.


A smile at light speed, no aim or control,

and while a head I might need, I grow frame, brain and soul.

As I fight to be, to fulfill my fates’ role,

the sight seen before me…is ..a..small,.. sky blue…bowl?


Still in the distance, a shape from my grin.

That’s Pluto, for instance, then came calico skin.

At Tethys, I noticed my back had this fin

and I’m an oafish, bloated catfish with a weird, wire-whiskered chin!


I crashed my first SpLaSh! in the sea near Japan.

There’s a rash that inhabits this free world of man.

I attached to Namazu as his reversed charlatan

to grasp why some humans screw the works in Earths’ plan.

I’m called “B.O.’B., I float and pretty good at it too.

I’m not here to gloat, though it’s the best thing I do.

It’s my job to take notes of iffy things you humans do

and try not to make jokes, …though pretty cruel to put me through…”


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Written by Beada Beada

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  1. When Kansas flies Dust In The Wind
    they just realized Thunderstruck as said AC/DC
    then the dust obeys David Bowie’s order
    changed to Starman
    in space then surrendered to Frank Zappa’s musings
    deterrent and disintegrate into Cosmic Debris
    enlightened in Slade’s Roaring Silence
    then do nothing other than Whispering Prayer
    as struck by strings strangled by Steve Vai.

    • Ha! You winged wonder! You are an ever enlightening and definitely delighting, brother of music and wing. My green grin is now brightening to a degree that is frightening and never would’ve suspected this thing! You evoke older days of some things I now says and remind of a time I’d strum string. On bass, I would spin with a case of rhythm that some thought made sirens all sing… Bubbles my brother! How perfectly “sound of music” of you. Grin…>-=^;> Ha! F.Z was a hero!

    • Oh for the love of lunch! Thank you sweet swimmer. From all my selves?, ourself? Ooh, that hurt. Um from the Fish Pants Dance Ranch inhabitants? Yes, well, you see through all that, um, me. I like writing what I know about. ..whatever that means.
      Slalom as a spring salmon stream slalom,
      Thank you, fish whisperer. Grin.

    • Oh you are so sweet! I can’t recall blushing before…must be a new bio luminescence from something I ate near Fukushima…Thank you.
      My existence here, depends on full coalescence and materialization, sounds easy, yeesh! There are times I’m partially here AND there and over there, and then, then earlier, then sometimes just my face, no brain or fins..or just my tail!
      Fish parts every when and where…You saw part of me yesterday, Ha! Just couldn’t grip my own tail. Now, though, I’m here, fully, and prowling around you…>-=^;>


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