Noris’ Story Continued

Scene 2 Act 4 Setting, Phlex’ office. The Brothers Grinn, (Namazu and O’Bloat), Phlex and Nori address this nautical nightmare with Nori taking charge…

Phlex, now in a bit of a panic;

“You fish! Time’s an issue! The froth talk can wait!

My assistant, Ms. N. Salata, we need reinstate!

We cannot hesitate to straighten her fate,

she’s here to administrate and NOT your future date!

Nori tries standing, Fish pants dance antics Ranch, style;

“Hold your chops! Pull out the stops! I’ve wishes of my own!

You macho hot shots, I might just opt to keep this tail that I’ve grown.

This brassiere, I have here, the sea being so near and hair in kelp-headed tone,

You all may fear what I now hold dear but, the time we once had has been blown!

Ding, Dong, Done!

Namazu, wide eyed;

“For half flesh and half fish, she’s a hot, deep sea tater!

Poor Phlex must just wish he’d took time to date her.

A waste of a mermaid as administrator,

I taste in her mirth made, a human flavor that’s greater.”

“Thank you, Namazu! I do like you too.

Can I assume you and O’bloat might tend to be true?

I could use a few tuna to help swimming through,

A review, with my new who, of life as I used to do.”

O’Bloat, adamantly;

“I’m not going back, you poor screwy squid!

Those people are whack, you know what they did.

They claimed “harnessed resource” for their powered play grid

and down played as harmless, sores from sour rains of acid!”

Namazu, weighing;

“A swim in the “man mill”, not my idea of fun.

Some of their idiots can kill and all Earth’s overrun.

It’s funless, searching hundreds to secure just the one

and unless they learn love, their future is kind of done.”

“Lose the stubborn, dear Nammy, you’re coming with me.

Quit your shoveling drama, you’re 3003.

The bubbles and glam of a busy city,

you don’t understand the fantasy it can be.”

“Yeah, there some hesitation or, maybe, alot

and some slight trepidation, to re-visit that spot.

The least it would do is give this dream a plot,

…triple smiles, exclamation points, let’s give it a shot!!!”

Phlex interjects. Big surprise;

“Although we don’t want to and with anguish, objects,

I’ll throw my best spell of “Human Help” hex.”

So off they all treks, the mermaid with Phlex

and two fish lipped, tongue twisted, mutant tuna rejects…

Namazu offers, hesitantly;

“Climb on, sit down, we’ll be there in a few licks.

Fine time, I’ve found since flying’s one of my tricks.

Up street, Dowtown, I’m dreading we’re heading for bricks,

but, just can’t help but frown that Phlex got you into this fix…

To be continued…>-=^;>


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Written by Beada Beada

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