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Interesting Facts About Bulgarian Roses

The rose has been a symbol of Bulgaria for centuries, and one of the world’s highest quality rose oil comes from Bulgaria. Bulgarian roses are inheritors of Rosa damascena – one of the two major species of roses that are cultivated for the production of rose oil.

The Rose Valley 

There’s a region in Bulgaria called the Rose Valley and it’s among the major producers of attar of roses in the world. The centre of the rose oil industry is Kazanlak, while other towns of importance include Karlovo, Sopot, Kalofer and Pavel banya.

Bulgarian Rose Oil

Bulgarian rose essential oil is the indispensable ingredient in many world famous perfumes. CHANEL COCO, DIOR Addict, LANCOME Magie Noire, ESTEE LAUDER White Linen Breeze, ELIZABETH ARDEN Brilliant White Diamonds, Flower by KENZO, Classique by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, Y by YVES SAINT LAURENT, Faberge by FABERGE, Lauren by RALPH LAUREN, Vera Wang Perfume by VERA WANG, Green Tea by BVLGARI, Ultraviolet by PACO RABANNE are just a few examples.

The Rose Festival 

There’s an annual rose festival which is one of the most remarkable events in Bulgaria. It takes place in the first week of June. The whole week is filled with different attractions every day. There is a beauty pageant and the most beautiful girl in the city is chosen as “The Queen Of Roses”. This event attracts hundreds of Japanese tourists every year.

Rose-Flavored Desserts

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Rose water is not only great for your skin, but it’s also used in desserts. Lokum or Bulgarian delight with rose flavor is one of the best examples. It’s a confection made of starch and sugar, and it’s very popular on the Balkan peninsula. 

Other common treats are rose-petal jam and rose-flavored drinks.

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