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The Deserted Trailer Park

Are you drawn to deserted and abandoned places like I am?

Do you love to explore the recent past?

I have loved to explore abandoned places since I was a kid. We were always finding cool places to explore that sent your imagination into high gear.

I love to take my dogs to run here, as it is mostly all fenced in still, and has a lot of beautiful flora along with a lot of trash and old stuff like the remaining cement slabs of what were really cute yards. Living the American Dream in a Trailer Park. It was and is an affordable way of life.

This place is up for sale. It was a 13.26 acre Mobile Home Park in Vista California. The city of Vista bought the property in 1989 to maintain it as affordable housing. The city oversaw the property for years, but the high operating costs forced the city to close the park in 2005 and relocated its remaining residents.

At one time it had a club house, pool and huge patio area along with shuffleboard. It was a gorgeous park at one time.  The club house burned down in 2005 by Arson. The pool was filled in to prevent people from falling in, and the place has sat to decay since then.


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  1. There was a time when the dream was alive. Companies would build towns to house their workers and would provide for them with stores and entertainment. Then someone realized you could trap workers (by making them owe the company money to live).

    I keep hearing that people want to make America Great again, I am of the opinion that it might be time to make America Great (for the first time.)

    Rant off.

    • So many others feel the same way. They did have plans to make a sky rise apartment buildings all throughout, but they wanted to clear it to level. Zoning would not permit this. So maybe there is still hope it will be made into a park someday.

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