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Tips for Using Mint Green Color for Home Decoration

Mint green color has its own reasons why it became so popularly used for interiors lately. This color choose clothing designers, mint color like manufacturers of furniture, finishing materials, it is used for various home accessories. Mint color in your home interior gives a feeling of lightness, freshness and spring coolness. Your home can change even one detail of this color, or any surface, it will refresh your home’s atmosphere of any interior style.

Just know one detail – green mint color had many hues. So it is not as simple as you may think. Get familiarized with this incredibly light and fresh color in combination with other shades with the examples of some design projects. You may get inspired to add this color to your home interior.

Features of mint color

  • Mint color soothing and relax body, it gives positively influence on your well-being.
  • You can use mint color for decor of any room – it fits to your living room, bedroom, hall, it fits in bathroom, children’s room and even in the kitchen.
  • You can use any quantity of mint color – your eyes will not get tired.
  • If your premises are located on the south side of the home, then mint color will be best choice as mint shades gives feeling of coolness, no matter how much the sun shines to the window.
  • Mint color can be perfectly combined with neutral colors and other shades, it fits with beige, grey, white and brown and other.

Mint green shades combinations with other colors

The big advantage of mint color is that it can be easy combined with all basic colors that are chosen as a background in your interior, also easy combined with neutral and unobtrusive colors.

Any hue of mint color itself also can serve as the main color for the background, just slightly diluted with tones of other colors that work as an accent. But remember that the mint color is a mixture of green color and blue color slightly diluted with white color. That means meant color belongs to a cold shades. Dilute the mint color with any other color from the palette of warm colors if you do not want to have an image of a cold room.

Combination of mint and white colors

The universal combination is mint and white colors. These soft delicate shades will fit for any room’s decoration. The bright image of these colors can be used in the children’s room and bedroom, your kitchen or living room will acquire a fresh and light decor, it can be also in utilitarian spaces. This color will provide a visual increase in the space of the room, it will be the perfect background for the furniture and accent elements.

Combination of mint and grey colors

Combination of mint color with all shades of grey is also suitable. Gray color is considered as a neutral color, so it fits with green mint color. Combination of mint and grey color is considered as noble combination, and it can be used in all styles of interior: the union of grey and mint colors harmoniously fits to modern style and to the traditional style of the premises.

Combinations of mint and beige colors

All shades of beige color and mint color also can be perfectly combined. Contrasting gamma of cold and warm shades allows creating original images of the premises. Combinations of these colors shades can effectively be used for decoration of any room: it fits for the bedroom and living, it fits for the kitchen or utilitarian rooms.

Combinations of mint and orange 

Mint and various shades of orange – coral colors combinations create incredibly fresh image of the room. Shades can be from peach to terracotta. For the small premises choose pastel shades and the bright colors use as an accents. Deep, saturated shadows of these colors can be used for a walls finish or as an accent one wall in big premises with panoramic windows.

Combinations of mint and pink colors 

Combination of mint and pink colors gives similar effect as combination of mint and orange. Typically, this combination is used for the girls rooms design. To these two colors can be added white surfaces and you will get original, bright and cool design.

Combination of mint color with wood

One more perfect combination is mint color and wood. Contrast of mint coolness and warmth of the wood easy leaves an impression of harmonious decoration of any room. Such combination can be used for any style of the premises. It fits to strict classic style, it also fits to trendy modern design, fits the same to eclectic style as to laconic minimalism.

The use of mint color in various rooms design

I already mentioned that mint color can be used for designing most diverse premises. Mint color is wide used in production of various finishing materials, for textile, furnishings and decorative elements. First of all decide whether you want to use mint color is chosen for the background of particular room or just as an accent. In first case mint color need to choose of pastel tones, in second case it can be bright, saturated tones.

Living room

Mint color for living rooms most is used for walls decoration. It’s better to choose pastel, light shade for all walls. One accent surface can come in a rich and bright mint tone. Selection of the seating area furniture depends on the intensity of the mint color shade. If you want a gentle light room’s image, choose light mint shades together with light furnishings. It will be ideal solution for a small living room. As a contract to light walls will look back furnishing creating non-trivial, dynamic image of the living room.

If you can’t decide to use mint color as a background, you can use it as an accent only – fresh green blue hue will looks perfect for textile decor: drapery for windows, sofa cushions, upholstery of the furniture…


A light mint shade mostly is used for the decoration of walls in the bedrooms. This color for walls is universal; it can be used for both small and large bedrooms. A light mint color perfectly fits for the atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

If your bedroom is located on the south side of the home, mint color can be combined with white, it will drop down the temperature of your room. If it is located on the northern part of the home, then you can better use more warm colors – wood colors will fit perfectly and will add some coziness to the room.

If your bedroom is too tiny and even has some architectural flaws and you can use only white finish, then mint color tone can go for windows textiles, for bedding, for carpets, lighting fixtures or some small decorative elements.

Children’s room

Mint color has good influence on the child’s psyche: it has relaxing, soothing qualities, it does not irritate eyes. And again, mint color depending on the intensity of its hues, is universal for both active child who needs a little calming and for quiet child, even for a newborn.

Create almost neutral background for children room – use a light peppermint color, or add a little grey tone.

Kitchen and dining room

The mint color mostly is used for the furnishing in the kitchen. Light mint color fits for kitchen in country style, shabby chic. In Modern style kitchen are used more saturated mint tones.If you do not like to have too much mint color in your kitchen, stop your choice only on upper or lower cabinets, an island or bar.


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