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The simple ideas of how to arrange the bar in home space

Many men probably dream of having their own bar filled with beverages. And not necessarily those who tend to use much the alcohol. The drink bar brings together associations about good emotions – parties, meetings with friends, sports, fun conversations or romantic evenings with a glass of wine.

After all, it’s fun to have an own space, where you can mix cocktails. Whenever possible, it may be a separate room or several shelves with wine bottles and glasses.

When planning a bar space, it is important to take into account your needs and possibilities – whether the bar will be used only for several wine bottles or cocktail parties and meetings with your friends.

In the first case, it might be enough a shelf or a fancy bottle rack, and the second one will not go without a separate bar area, where you will need different types of beverages, different glasses, and items for mixing cocktails, straws, ice cubes, etc.

The bar in a separate space

If you have enough space – arrange the bar area in a separate room – for example, basement, attic or the like. This room can become a home entertainment center where you can organize parties, watch sports events or movies, listen to music, play board games, etc.

When designing a bar room, choose a style that matches your home’s interior. If your home is dominated by minimalism or modern style, choose the appropriate furniture and glass elements for the bar space. For the sake of effect in a modern setting, take care of the special bar space lighting. Install it on shelves where you hold bottles and glasses, under a bar table.

Well, if you like classical or country style – use a wood trim, arrange a massive table, bar stools – it will be convenient to have tasty snacks or drinks with your friends. Install a handy desktop with a sink. Install comfortable shelves for the necessary equipment, install decorative cabinets for drinks and glasses.

Home bar in the kitchen

Nowadays, when the kitchen and living room are often designed in one space, it is convenient to use the kitchen space for the bar. A great advantage is that all amenities at your fingertips – a sink, a refrigerator with a frozen ice, a place to hold the necessary tools and utensils. When designing the kitchen layout, the bar area should be provided in advance.

If there is not enough space in the kitchen, the bar can be replaced with an elevated kitchen island with bar chairs installed in the center of the premises. Another option is to have a bar-type table that visually separates the kitchen from the living room and at the same time creates a communication area. For convenience, it is best to design a bar table near the sink.

It looks stylish the wall – shelves for holding bottles, which can at the same time play the role of a partition. Even more original will look if you design special lighting on this wall, a special atmosphere will be created in the evening time.

Home bar in the niche

If there is a niche in the kitchen, in the living room or elsewhere – you can use it to install the home bar. Here you can install the small refrigerator and the necessary inventory, a decorative bottle cassette, shelves for glasses. If the niche is visible from the living room or other rooms, choose the appropriate bar layout.

If you make a separate bar furniture, it should match the common interior according to style and colors. If you do not want to highlight the bar space, you can hide it by closing, sliding doors or decorative screens.

The bar under the stairs

For those who live in the house, it’s worth considering putting the house bar under the stairs, especially if stairs are designed in the center of the house, visible from the living room. The stairs themselves are the result of a non-standard project, but that is precisely why the bar will look original and distinct, and it will effectively exploit the empty space, which is usually dark.

Old furniture used for the bar

If you want to have an original, special style bar – try to design it from the old furniture – cabinets, buffets, chests of drawers, table or the like. If you do not have the right furniture – go to the market of old things. With creativity, you can create a stylish and unique bar space and tailor it to your home.

It will also look effective if you attach a different shelf composition to the wall. Using different partitions, you will have excellent bottle and glasses holders that will give the environment a dynamic feel.

Sliding bar cart

Without enough space for a separate bar area, the small option is a mobile small cart with the wheel with bottles at the bottom and bottles at the top and other necessary accessories. Such tables are comfortable and stylish, and, if necessary, can be moved to another location.

The mini bar has been a practically compulsory thing at all times. It is a special place in a living room or any other premises where we can see an alcoholic exposition. People usually hide alcohol in cabinets, but why not put those (not necessarily all) on a small table/stroller, on which there are other decorations, such as books, glass decorations, etc? Such a small, multi-story barrel looks extremely charming; especially when there is a good composition with other nearby objects (flowers are very welcome).

When the guests come, it is very convenient to hold such a cart next to the main table – it is saving space and is a very nice accent.

If necessary, you can use such a bar cart for various celebrations: you just have to change the alcoholic beverages to the refreshments, to add a bowl of sweets and fruits, decorate with several decorations and you have a completely different mood.

You can buy mini bar cart, but you can do everything yourself. So, everyone can have their own bar. No matter its size, it is important that this place would give the house extra charm and give a pleasant emotion.


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