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Do you believe they are – a symbol of peace and love

The photos are personal and are made in different places in Torrevieja – Spain. Pigeons are not as popular pets as dogs and cats. They are good, timid and are a symbol of peace and love.

Dove is blowing in the air for luck and hope for a wish. They have been known to society for centuries, and some peoples have deified them.

Later, they were used as messengers and as food for the people.

The goddess of love – Aphrodite, is often painted with a dove nearby. In addition, most domestic pigeons are white, and white is the color of purity, innocence, purity. It is believed that pigeons resemble angels who fly up to heaven with grace and power.

If you give someone a dove (not a living, but a souvenir), it would indicate that you only have good intentions about it.

You can even make such a gift to yourself and the family – buy a dove to hang on the Christmas tree. You will see how much it will stand out among other toys.

White pigeons are used at weddings in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Greek and Roman times as part of the bride’s gifts to the groom.

Pigeons fall in love and remain faithful to one another until death divides them!

They share the care of raising their offspring. They alternate to lay on the eggs while the little ones hatch and share the responsibility for feeding the chickens as they grow up. These features retain their established place in romantic literature, religion and art.

How do pigeons find their way home?

There is no exact answer, but most likely with the help of good sense of smell, sight, and magnetic fields.

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  1. A dove also carried an olive branch to Noah at the end of the great flood, signifying that there was land that wasn’t covered by water.

    We have three pet ring-necked doves, like those in some of the pictures you have. One of them was from an egg that others laid and we got to watch them feeding the baby dove’s milk, excreted from the breasts of the mother and father. There are also wild ring-necked doves here in Montana. Amazingly, they survive the winters when temperatures often get to 40 below zero.

  2. i like pigeons and doves. they are very cute and sweet birds. i like feeding the wild birds outside my doorstep, which reminds me that i need to buy more bird seeds. i even placed a bowl of shallow water for their birdbath.

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