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Black & White Friday – Father & Son on Bike

This is at Ambury Farm Regional Park and sometimes I see quite a few on bikes.

Teaches children to ride bikes young. They also get to see farm animals in the city of Auckland. They have sheep shearing days, and times where people can watch cows being milked.

New Zealand has a high obesity rate, and with the take away food, it is usually loaded with fattening ingredients and children today are getting diabetes type 2.

The people who are wealthier are generally slimmer and fitter like these 2. The ones that have a low income are fatter. It is life. Cheap food is fattening… Those on low incomes don’t exercise and don’t go to gyms…

This farm gets people outdoors and having a look at nature at least. A visit is also free….for anyone.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. The fast food epidemic hit the US 15 years ago as well. Sadly, propagated by many US-based companies.
    (McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken).

    I gave up fast food 8 years ago. It has made all the difference for me!

    Love the picture!!!

    • Well, a lot of people don’t know how to cook good nutritional meals and go out to fast food takeaways in New Zealand.
      Our takeaways are mainly fattening. The healthiest are Subway, but they use a lot of bread. Then also Pitta pit they are expensive but good nutritionally.

      We sometimes go to Mac Donalds, its not good but better than Wendys or KFC. Other than that Pizza Hut is OK..

      We only eat a snack, where as some go for their entire meal, poor nutritional value and high in unhealthy fats..It is cheap.

      Some know it is unhealthy,
      When you consider poor people cant go to the gym, or on nice outings because it costs the earth and cant buy nice clothing, they turn to the cheap food they can afford..

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