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Black & White Friday – One of my drawings

Thought I would put on one of my drawings on Black & White Friday. I just get ideas that are drawn down.

Not a lot of people around Auckland appreciate classical art or so it seems the galleries want their own criteria.

The galleries charge about 50%-60% commission if you do manage to sell anything plus you are looking at $2000.00 to even exhibit in their galleries.

Hence the end of original art except if you like throwing paint at a wall and making up fancy intellectual names about its description

I don’t mind keen artists experimenting, but I think classical art should be taught as well. to be honest I don’t think NZ art teachers know anything about how to do classical art

Old fashioned classical ideas does not mean passed its used by date, it has structure and form You can recognise what it is or be allowed to own an opinion

I don’t mind contemporary art but it depends on what it is

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • New Zealand is a small country and most of us are DIY…
      No opportunities for artists here…
      I used to take my art work to business people and they just sent me from pillar to post.
      Yet a rich girl or boy would get a job with less experience or skill, because they were connected.

      “Such talent wasted on people with no connections or money.” would be what they said about some one like me.

      It is cruel but it is this world we live in. There are no openings

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