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Black & White Friday – Warwick's Pen & Ink of a NZ Harrier Hawk

This is my husband’s drawing of a NZ Harrier Hawk or Kahu.

As you can see it is very detailed and took a long time to do. If you work at something you can do anything you can put your hand to do.

To me, art work is like flying…or creativity.

It is your choice whether you wish to believe another person’s opinion or not, and sometimes the things people say about our abilities can weigh you down and prevent you from flight.

The Kahu is not prevented from flight by unnecessary baggage and is an expert.

However, in reality the only way we can fly ourselves is by going to flying school and flying a plane. 

So in being realistic you can only be and use what you have in your hand. One person can go on a world wide trip while others are restricted by money. It is life. 

In life, contentment is great gain, you will be surprised what you can have in life and is within your reach.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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