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Indian cakes made from cow dung sold in the US

Indian cakes made from cow dung are being sold at various stores in the US, with interesting comments being made on social media.

An Indian journalist tweeted a photo of an American store where cakes packets of cow dung can be seen. The reporter wrote that he had been sent a picture by a relative from the United States and told that the cakes were being sold for $ 3 at a store in the US state of New Jersey.

As can be seen in the picture, a packet contains 10 cakes of dung, and it is written that this is an Indian product and it is not for eating but for religious purpose. Interesting comments are also being made as this image unfolds.

One user wrote, ‘It would have been better if they were sold in the US under the name “Cow Dung Cookie”, a cow dung biscuit.

Another user wrote that there is no guarantee that these ‘cakes’ are actually made from cow dung of Indian origin.

A person named Siddharth Singh remarked that if anyone wants to eat them, they should have their permission.

Shabnam Gupta wrote that she is curious that the Indian-based Indian ‘bhakt’ would be considered meatless burgers.

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