Slingshots handed over to Indian police to protect Trump from monkeys

Indian monkeys eagerly awaits US President Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump’s visit to India begins tomorrow, with monkeys eagerly awaiting. Have also completed the reception preparations.

The case is that monkeys have taken over duty at the Taj Mahal even before Trump came to India. Almost Five to seven hundred monkeys turned to the Taj Mahal. 

Fears is that during Trump arrival at Agra tomorrow, monkeys may attack, that is why administration has also been alerted. Indian police are handed over slingshots to protect Trump from monkeys while special police force has also been alerted.

The security chief of the Taj Mahal says that monkeys flee in fear of slingshots. Now it remains to be seen if so many arrangements will save Trump from monkeys or not.

  • Will Indian Police save Trump from monkeys attack ?

    • Yes
    • No


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