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Gigi and Bella Hadid's Palace

American Models and Sisters GiGi and Bella Hadid are always appear in the news because of their style and fashion, but the media also has a special focus on their lifestyle.

Both models spent their childhood in their bungalow in the US state of California in Beverly Hills, designed by their father, developer Mohammad Hadid.

Day and night, this bungalow looks beautiful and their bungalow is no less than a palace worth US $ 85 million.

This bungalow is located in the high expensive area of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills also houses a number of Hollywood . Beverly Hills has a number of houses of Hollywood celebrities celebrities and it’s considered one of America’s most expensive residential areas.

The dining room is also designed specifically for guests. The first mall of this 35,000 square foot bungalow has a special guest space. The kitchen in the palace is beautifully designed, with two rooms for guests to relax.

Most paintings in the house have been painted by Mohammad Hadid himself.

There are 6 bedrooms on the first floor, one of which is the old GiGi room.

There is also a room in the bungalow, where there are numerous candles and the room is decorated with them.

According to reports, this room is GiGi Hadid’s favorite room and was designed specifically for her..

Apart from this, there is also a swimming pool in the bungalow.

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