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Spectator Index declares India 5th most dangerous country of the world.

The International organization Spectator Index declares  India declares 5th most dangerous country of the world. According to the report, the Spectator Index released the list of most dangerous countries of the world in 2019, In which  Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Argentina and India are declared the most dangerous countries in the world.

In the Spectator Index list, Peru is sixth, Kenya seventh, Ukraine eighth, Turkey ninth, Colombia tenth. In the list , Unite Kingdom is on the 12th and United States on the 16th position. 

The index compiled a list of 20 countries, looking at all social aspects. These include Indian government- forcefully occupied Kashmir, new citizenship law, promotion of Hindutva, seizure of minority rights, murder in the name of cows and harassment of women.

It should be noted that earlier, the World Index had declared India as Asia’s most dangerous country for foreign tourists.According to the World Index, Canadian and Australian women, including Indian women, do not feel safe in India.

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  1. I will not be amazed pertaining to my country, Kenya. We are not only on top 10 of most dangerous countries but also one of most corrupt countries.
    We face Al-shabab attacks since Kenya sent its troop to Somalia.

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