The world’s riskiest selfie taker

Russians Angela Nikolau and her boyfriend in travel prefer to climb up skyscrapers rather than sunbath on the beach. The daughter of a tramp acrobat and an adrenaline addict on Instagram tracks more than 400,000 fans thanks to an unusual hobby. People are looking for originality in every business, even though it has come to a halt. This is dangerous for life, and in Russia it is almost “massive sport”. It’s like some prestige in a stale or group of people.

Courage or madness? Life is one, youth is also one. Some people have no fear of height. Fear of height is called acrophobia. It is one of the ten most common fears in humans. These people obviously do not know such a thing. Attractive to look at with safe distance. But be subject to experience. This is already too much for the stomach. I get some more secure hobbies.

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Written by varda42

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  1. This definitely isn’t courage to me, but I admire their courage though. However, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing this. I’d much rather channel my courage into more productive things like my business and breaking into a new market.

  2. How in the world did they get up there? I would echo @ellie925’s concern. Here in the Philippines, there was a news item that a student fell off the rooftop of a condominium building when she slipped taking a selfie.

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