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The Selfie Craze

There are increasing incidents of injuries and deaths resulting from taking selfies. 

The front feature in smartphones has made it easier for people to take their own pictures in different places. Nonetheless, people have gone out of their way to take selfies in dangerous locations and under daring circumstances.

Can we blame the social media sites? Not entirely. The highest percentage of deaths is among the youths for the simple reason they want to upload in their selfies in social media accounts e.g. Facebook so they can get more likes and numerous comments. And to be praised for their daring acts.

This is a short compilation of selfie deaths:

1) An 18-years old girl was covered with 50% of burn on her body when 27,000 volts passed through her body. She was laying on the roof of a stationary train when she stuck one of her foot into the air. This brought her in contact with an electrical field of an overhead cable. Her friend was thrown out of the carriage. The first didn’t survive.

2) A driver stopped his lorry (truck) to relieve himself in a forest. He noticed an injured bear. He was warned by the locals not to near the animals but dismissed their concern. He wanted to have a selfie with the animal thinking it was incapable of attacking him. The animal attacked the man when he neared it. He died on the spot.

3) Four teenagers went to a town to attend a wedding party. They thought, why not take a selfie on a railway track. They saw a train approaching the track they were in. They jumped to a second track not realizing there was a train coming on that track. They were crushed to death except one teenager who jumped on a different track.

4) A woman was seen taking selfies on a balcony of the 27th floor of an apartment. Construction workers on an opposite block warned her to be careful. She was filmed by other construction workers, falling from the railing she was leaning on the balcony to the floor while holding a selfie stick.

5) Two Russian soldiers took a selfie with a live grenade. The end result, the grenade exploded. They were killed by its impact.

6) There have been several cases of people who accidentally shot themselves while taking a selfie. Some survived to tell the story. Others weren’t lucky.

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    Selfie is good when used in the right way under safe circumstances, right?

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    It doesn’t count in to take selfies in dangerous places, agree?

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