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Fundamental human virtues

If to read ancient Greeks, there are four foundational human virtues. 

That’s smartness – the intellectual ability to practice the situation and act immediately. This is needed to make the right decision.

The second virtue is courage. Prevents deviation from the goal. Most people cannot overcome the fear of making mistakes. They lack insolence. Courage can be divided into passive – perseverance and patience, and active – determination.

The third virtue, self-control – allows one to control and human passions and not give up on them.

Finally, since humans are social beings, justice as a fourth virtue is required.

These four virtues are the basis and are inseparable from one another. If at least one virtue is not developed, man is doomed to fail. They are not basic, they are essential, they are fundamental.

The more often these virtues are practiced, the closer one is to the ideal person. Become what you are. This means that you make your own decisions and can implement them. You are not a slave to your passions. Rather, you channel your energy to do good deeds.

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