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The paradox of our time is that life is not measured by the number of breaths

Now that we’re closed, I think about a lot of things. I do not know if you will read the whole thing. It’s worth having this patience.

The paradox of our time is that we have tall buildings, but low tolerance, wide highways, but narrow views. We spend more, but we have less, we buy more, but we enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more amenities, but less time. We have more education but less intelligence, more knowledge, but worse judgment, we have more experts, but more problems, more medicine, but less health.

We drink too much, we smoke too much, we spend too much irresponsibly, we laugh too little, we drive too fast, we get too easy, we go to bed too late, we wake up too tired, we read too little, we watch too much television and we pray too rarely. We have increased our holdings, but we have diminished our values. We talk too much, love too rarely and hate too often.

We know how to survive, but we don’t know how to live. We have added years to human life, but we have not added life to years. We went to the moon and returned, but it was difficult for us to cross the street and meet our new neighbor. We have conquered the cosmic latitudes, but not the spiritual latitudes. We do bigger things. But not better things.

We purified the air but polluted the soul. We subjugated the atom, but not our prejudices. We write more, but we learn less. We plan more, but we achieve less. We learned to hurry, but not to wait. We make new computers that store more information and make more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

This is a time of fast food and indigestion, big men and small souls, easy profits and difficult relationships. A time of greater family income and more divorces, more beautiful houses and broken homes. The time of short journeys, disposable diapers and one-off morale, the overnight and overweight relationships and the pills that do everything – excite us, calm us, kill us. A time when there is a lot of storefront but little in the warehouse. A time when technology allows this letter to get to you, but it also allows you to share it or just hit delete.

Remember, take more time with those you love because they are not you forever. Remember, say the good word to the one who looks down at you with admiration, because that little creature will soon grow up and be no longer with you. Remember and warmly embrace the person beside you, because this is the only treasure you can give from your heart and it does not cost a penny.

Remember and say “I love you” to your loved ones, but most of all, really think it. A kiss and a hug can repair any evil when they come from the heart. Remember and hold hands and cherish the moments when you are together because one day, that person will not be there for you. Take the time to love each other, find time to talk, and make time to share everything you have to say.

Because life is not measured by the number of breaths, but by the moments that stop our breath.

In this photo I am with my grandchildren who also live in Spain but now we cannot see each other.

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Written by lacho59

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      • I am trying to find positive and love in every little corner of my life.

        I have to share this with you because I thought it was quite funny. My husband suggested that when travel is possible again I should go and have you teach me how to make some of those fantastic things you bake and cook. He reminded me that mine don’t taste too bad, and they never look as good as yours. It was good and we laughed together.

  1. we can never replace the things we lose.

    I am really touched by your piece. You cover the reality of our modern world. I think the one thing that I would add slightly differently is that people can now communicate with those they have in their lives a lot more than we could 25 or 30 years ago.

    Yes we do have more and that isn’t always better.

  2. Isn’t that all too true. I don’t like some of this modern selfish living but it is our human world.

    People not things and profits mean far more than “Image, Things and what is inside our wallets!”
    Yet, sometimes in so called “Christian Churches” those” things” count much more than the Lord who they say they serve…

    Often the nice “Things” are got by man making others jobless and bankrupt. By theft and dishonesty evil men gain their “Things” and forget the life that counts.

    You are a wise soul, when man would rather travel to the Moon than meet their next door neighbour. I find people are rich in themselves and friendship is worth far more than “image” and “things”

  3. What you wrote is actually my way of looking at things, I am a natural person and I am just not that type of person, trying to keep things like the way I am and am glad for that while not many are like that anymore!… That is also one of the reasons why I don’t want to spend that much time here anymore – on a computer which is just not in my nature and overwhelms me because it was already pretty unhealthy…

    • PS Since you are reading my answers in your posts while I’m not even sure if you read them in my posts (when I answer your comments) as well, just want to say to you that admins DO READ everything we write, especially comments and are aware of it… But I gave much more through explanations in my post as a reply to your comments so don’t want to repeat myself here…

      What I’m writing I’m writing objectively and just from the point of noticing things for 3 years now… I am not writing it in an angry way, I’m just concluding, stating things while your tone was even a little rude, probably because of your subjective interpretation of my posts, not really because of what i REALLY wrote…
      Things were never like this before… But, again, a thorough explanation is in my reply to your comment in my post…Thanks.

    • I don’t spend much time on the computer. I prefer walking, reading a book. To cook at home, I do not buy ready-made food. I’m glad this is your way of looking at things. You may be expressing philosophical words to make people misunderstand you.

      • That is what I prefer too, but I was attached to Virily TOO MUCH, that is what I was saying…

        I am often misunderstood as my intentions are obviously often misunderstood but I can’t help with that – everyone will see what they want to see and what they see… Unfortunately, people are like that… Maybe I’m not expressing myself in a direct way and that is why they don’t understand, so I agree with you… But I do appreciate the understanding much!…

      • Since I don’t know if you READ my REPLIES TO YOU in MY POSTS I have to copy my answer I made to you in my post here!…..: (btw do you think that is how appreciation and friendship are shown, that I have to do this here now AGAIN because you don’t even bother to read what I answered to you………?!!)

        “Seems you still don’t understand me………!

        Heh………, see…, that is the difference I was saying about…
        The problem now is I don’t even know if you are reading my Answers here to you while I always do that from my RESPECT towards YOU and the users who Answer to me!… That is the difference I was saying about…………! I am not saying anything about Not Reading My Posts, but MY REPLIES TO YOUR COMMENTS IN MY POSTS…!
        It’s also Very Interesting you HAVE the time to Read AND Answer to Each Comment received In Your Posts while I don’t even know if you are reading MY ANSWERS to you in MY POSTS… – No one said Anything about not reading MY POSTS but MY REPLIES TO YOU in my posts…!

        I care about and tend to appreciate Every User (who does or don’t do that for me as well), so I always Comment and Read the Reply I received and then Answer Again from my Appreciation of the person and so I could Reward that person Again – IN THEIR POSTS !…
        Now, you thought and wrote like I am here only for money while this shows I was and AM spending MUCH MORE TIME here than you, I was and am much more of a friend than you, while you think 1 comment is enough and speaking about Friendship… I think my Reading and Answering to Every Reply I receive shows I was more of a Friend than you for example, yet I was judged for “caring only about earnings” as you wrote about the people who speak about earnings!…

        You are saying “Your Time is Precious” while when I was saying My Time is Precious and that I don’t have That Much TIME to spend here anymore, especially that there are no Earnings anymore you “”accused” me of caring only about money”……….!!! I spend MUCH MORE TIME HERE THAN YOU so you CAN”T SAY TO ME I CARE ONLY ABOUT MONEY WHILE SAYING “YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS AND THAT YOU DON”T EVEN HAVE THE TIME TO READ/ANSWER TO MY ANSWER TO YOU…”! Your time is that precious… Don’t you think MINE is PRECIOUS TOO………?!?

        Now… When it comes to my posts, I really don’t know what is there not to understand but I still say everyone will see and understand what they want to see and understand…!

        This post was not about you, it was about people who complain about my posts in their posts which no one Pushes them to read and everyone has the right to write about whatever they want – what is interesting to them – whether it’s about Virily or anything else, but it’s a different thing when people write posts Accusing other people of something that has NOTHING to do with them, especially if they don’t understand things and what is written or the intention of the writing properly…!”

        • I remember you once even asked for helf about something while I literally had to chase you to read my comment where I wanted to help you, so i don’t understand that… – you asked for help and then you don’t even read the help that is offered!

          • No, I’m showing you I am much more of a friend than you who speak about caring only about friendship here while accusing me I care only about earnings!!!

          • if you don’t understand and don’t care about anyone but Yourself and YOUR “precious time” even though I already explained all this to you in a polite manner before, when you didn’t even understand me and said “everyone has the right to choose” like I said I care only about money and not something Completely ELSE – that MY TIME IS PRECIOUS AS WELL!!!, then you don’t have the right to write about them, to criticize or accuse!…


        • PS The difference is I was and do care about Other People’s earnings and showing my appreciation towards them as well by doing this while you say “your time is precious” and interpreting ME as I say I care only about money…

          And AGAIN you are answering only to the comment posted in YOUR POST while not even reading my Reply to you in MY POST. – “thank you”…

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