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What will Covid-19 teach us?

Are you thinking about this? I don’t know if it’s the right word to use, but it’s one lesson for all of us. Everyone should know that nothing is ever insured here on planet earth. Nor are the rich who accumulate their wealth at the expense of other people. Nor are the great politicians who oppose people from one nation to another.

I am sure there will be a few lessons that we must continue to follow:

1. More personal hygiene especially on the hands.

2. Be sympathetic to the grief and suffering of others.

3. To be united because only then can we win.

4. To be more responsible and with greater self-control.

5. Being mentally resilient because panic is our enemy.

Maybe I’m missing something. If you think of something else add it in the comment.

This is my picture I took yesterday when I had to go out on the street doing some work.

Defeating yourself is more important than defeating someone else! Do you agree with this phrase?

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  • Defeating yourself is more important than defeating someone else! Do you agree with this phrase?

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  1. At least one eastern martial art teaches that one must know himself before he can defeat his enemies…

    At this time, the world has one common enemy in covid-19… though there is no cure as of this time, the common ways to prevent it from spreading are things that we should have been doing and practicing before…

    Stay safe my friend…

  2. I have written something like this on similar lines (still waiting to be approved). We need to stop meddling with dangerous stuff, be transparent and tell the world the truth.
    We as a race need to be more responsible. China and The US are still fighting as to who started this.. Instead of doing what needs to be done.

  3. Gracias Lado Pero aquí en España durante 24 horas el porcentaje de infectados es bastante alto. Igual que los muertos. La mayoría están en Madrid. Desafortunadamente, a pesar del aeropuerto de Madrid, todavía está abierto hoy. Esto es irresponsabilidad.

  4. I agree with all of your conditions …. now we must first step together and strictly follow the instructions …. I don’t think there is any need for panic … I personally am not afraid of the virus because I am strictly disciplined … neither is mortality so big that you should be afraid …. in short discipline and hygiene are paramount

    • Thanks Lado But here in Spain for 24 hours the percentage of infected is quite high. Just like the dead. Most of them are in Madrid. Unfortunately, despite the Madrid airport, it is still open today. This is irresponsibility.

      • I think the Spaniards did not take this virus as seriously as the Italians … but now I pay them back …. until recently they played football matches when everything was closed in Slovenia … so far we have only 1 death

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