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To continue living, you need to change your normal lifestyle

COVID-19. The letters and numbers everyone talks about, but no one knows what it is, but everyone has their opinion. So comments online are full of aggression, anger, controversy, even racism. 

Today it is very important to understand that the virus has no borders, no nationality …. No need to discuss it. 2020 we are free to travel wherever we want, so it is impossible to stop people moving – even middle-income people can buy flights today.

In Italy, the virus started to spread very quickly, no one expected it, no one was ready, so it got through. The regions most affected by the virus did not have time to prepare. Patients need to be isolated so hospitals simply need space. Medics have to beware, I don’t even talk about their work schedules. As you may know, all non-hazardous operations that may have been planned for a year have been delayed. Preference for virus carriers. 

The virus can be in mild form, and if not, what then? The patient may have difficulty breathing, so he needs to be connected to the device to breathe. Okay, if there is only one case but if 1000, you think everyone has enough breathing apparatus? If the situation worsens and the number of sick people increases, the medical profession will have to choose between saving only those who can be rescued and leaving others to die. The unwritten rule of the medical profession. Like in war.

To continue living, we need to change our normal lifestyle.

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