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What is your favorite breakfast?

After we discussed desserts, let’s talk about breakfast!


Do you agree with the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Lately, some nutritionists and scientist have started questioning this idea.

I personally never go out if I haven’t had my breakfast. I can’t even do anything before I have a breakfast.


What is your favourite breakfast? Lately, I like eating oatmeal with nuts, seeds and banana. I also have a cappuccino with some cookies or muffins, even though coffee doesn’t necessarily make me more energetic.

If I don’t have enough time for oatmeal, I like having an oven-toasted cheese toast with tomatoes, too. What about you?

#9 Full English Breakfast

This is a heavy breakfast that you can only eat once in a very long time! It starts with fried eggs (or pancakes or French toast, if you like.) Then add two slices of toast with jam or peanut butter. Some people choose between bacon, sausage and ham, but if you splurge, you can have all three.

The meal is usually garnished with slices of fresh fruit and often served with baked beans - and in Quebec where I live, we add real maple syrup! Finish it up with a good cup of strong coffee and the newspaper!

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