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4 Awesome Ways to Be Gleeful on Upsy Daisy Day

June 8th is Upsy Daisy Day, a day to celebrate life and to meet the day with gratitude and glee.

Do you remember being very small and begging for Papa to pick you up? He would lift you high in the air and swing you around until you giggled with glee. When my Papa lifted me up, he would say, “Upsy Daisy!” Did your father or mother do the same?

Now that we’re all grown up, it can be difficult to recapture that same lightness of spirit. So let’s take this one day to remember the innocence and freedom of childhood, and to revisit the things we love in this life.

Berry Smoothie for Upsy Daisy Day

1) Eat Fruit for Breakfast

So many adults skip breakfast. We gulp down a coffee while getting ready for work. Or we rush off to work on an empty stomach and then raid the snack machines for junk food.

On Upsy Daisy Day, take the time to feed your inner child. Slice bananas onto some cereal or make a yummy berry smoothie. Have a little extra time? Feast on a fresh fruit platter. Or get a head start on the day by mixing up a healthy parfait of rhubarb and overnight oatmeal with chia seeds.

However you enjoy your fruit, take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous color and appreciate the tangy-sweet flavor.

Wear Tie Dye on Upsy Daisy Day

2) Wear Tie Dye

Little kids have their own unique fashion sense. They wear tiaras to the grocery store or dress in a bunch of brightly clashing colors. They wrap themselves up in dollar store feather boas to go to school. Whatever they do, they dress to please themselves. And that’s exactly what you should do on Upsy Daisy Day. Wear an outfit that makes you happy: a tie dye Boho skirt, a brightly colored top with outrageous jewelry, a funny hat. Dress up as if you were a little girl again. Make it your special day. Have fun with it!

Take a Nature Walk on Upsy Daisy Day

3) Take a Nature Walk

Even if you just have a few minutes at lunchtime, try to find the time to get outside. Breathe in the fresh air and find a small patch of greenery somewhere that reminds you of playing outdoors when you were a child. Go to the park and go as high as you can on the swings. Dip your toes into a pond. Look for a special treasure like a bird’s nest or a four-leafed clover. Upsy Daisy Day is the time to climb up into a tall tree or to build a fort. Take a friend with you and enjoy the adventure together!

Have a Picnic on Upsy Daisy Day

4) Have a Tea Party

What little girl doesn’t like to play tea party? On Upsy Daisy Day, have a real tea party with a few girlfriends. Serve the tea in fancy cups. Put out a bowl of sugar cubes and a pitcher of fresh cream. Serve dainty finger sandwiches and pretty shortcakes. Put a bouquet of daisies on the table and tell your friends to dress up in hats and fancy dresses. Have a wonderful time, just being girls!

June 8th is Upsy Daisy Day. How will you celebrate life on this special day?


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