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5 Reasons Why I Love Oats

I personally love oats because they are among the healthiest grains in the world. I eat oatmeal with nuts, seeds and fruits almost every morning. I also love using oat flour in my baking recipes, and I’m going to share a few delicious dessert ideas from my blog with you.

Oats have tons of health benefits, and they are delicious too. If you aren’t a big fan of their taste alone, you can put them inΒ muffins,Β cookies orΒ raw energy bars.

Here are a few reasons to love oats and add them to your diet.

What about you, do you like oats? How do you eat them?

#1 They are healthy and nutritious

Oats are rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. They are also rich in fiber which makes them beneficial for your digestion, prevention of colorectal cancer, and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol.

What's more, oats contain minerals like manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, and they contain the highest levels of protein of any grain. They also improve the immune system, help control blood pressure and blood sugar. Oats are even believed to reduce the risk of asthma in children.


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