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ABC Desserts ~ Truffle

Another post for my ABC Dessert series. 


What a treat to enjoy truffles. If you have not, I hope you can one day. 

The photo shows the different flavors of truffles. I enjoy the chocolate. Nothing but chocolate on mine. So good.

They are pricey, so this treat is for those special occasions. That is how I used to think. Now I try to have what I want pretty much when I want. If they are available. Life is too short to wait on special occasions.

If you can’t have the real truffle experience, you can buy truffle products flooding the market. These include truffle-infused oils, jams, and so forth. Some will use extracts, which are as authentic to the real thing as any extract is. Think orange or lemon or almond extracts. 

Are they true to the real experience? Not really, but they have their own appeal.

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Written by Carol DM


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