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Song Saturday Challenge

This challenge comes from an old friend from Tsu, Brett Nichols. Speaking of Tsu, it is coming back!! 

Anyway Brett came up with this challenge on Tsu and since he didn’t join Virily, I decided to use his challenge. It is called SONG SATURDAY, it was a lot of fun. I hope you agree. 


1.   Post anything that reminds you of a song on Saturday. 

2.   Use Song Saturday in your title. 

3. Use the tag, “SongSaturday”. 

Let’s have some fun with songs!

Here is the first one showing a beach in Southern California. It has been a long time since we have had any rain, so this song came to mind.


Do you remember this song from the 70’s? 

The tag line went like this:

It never rains in Southern California

But, girl, don’t they warn ya

It pours, man it pours. 


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson


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  1. I definitely remember the song and I’m likely to join the challenge, though probably not just on Saturdays (I’ll still use that as a tagline) and I’ll probably include a youtube clip. Music plays a large role in my day to day life.

    • Thank you Dawn, Yes the weekends the staff has off. There is only one moderator working on the weekends I believe. If you would like to join though, it doesnt matter when they appear on the site. Your song saturday could be released on Wednesday, whos going to pay attention of when it was posted or released. Post em if you got em!

  2. That’s a good challenge. I don’t about the rest of us users whose posts are moderated. Our posts on this challenge might not be published on Saturday. It might even be on Monday.
    Please, can you tell me what is Tsu. I have been hearing about it and that Virily will be better once Tsu returns. Thanks.

    • Thank you Introvert. No worries on the moderation times, they don’t necessarily have to come out on the exact day. Just like all the rest of the daily challenges on here, folks who are moderated can post a few days early. I have even heard the suggestion to post them all on one day. People will still pull up the post if it is not on the day.
      Now about Tsu. Tsu was one of the first paid sharing sites. It sadly went under a few years back, but a lot of us here were members there. They are now coming back and are going to open soon. It probably will not be good for Virily.

      • The problem with those whose posts await moderation they appear when the topic has lost its meaning. I did a post this morning immediately after I read your post but it has not been published. I think they should do away with verified users. Everything will fall in place (lol) May be they could get some 10 percent more on their earnings to pacify them.

        • I don’t believe so. I think that even though it didnt come out on Saturday that people will still enjoy the post. It will be ongoing, every Saturday. So if the one that you posted this morning doesn’t come out until Tuesday then you are an early for next week. 😉 This goes with all of the daily challenges.
          I do think you are correct about the moderation. Or the lack of moderators. If posts would just come out on the same day as they are posted, this site would gain popularity like crazy.

    • It is a good old song. I have always loved it. Thank you, I thought the photo fit. I did think about finding a rainy one. lol. This one won out though. Tags work, but just not the way tags usually work on Virily that is. The tags will help on the web though as long as there are no spaces. You can do a search searching for tags here, but it is basically just names that are grouped together. Like if you do a search for Bluebirds. As long as you mentioned blue in your title it will come up. I hope this helps explain it, I am terrible at trying to get my point across sometimes. lol. I hope to see some songs from you soon!

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